Founder/ Artistic Director: Monique Pong (Mrs Wu)

Bachelor of Music graduate from Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts majoring in piano with Ms. Eva Lue and in music pedagogy with Prof. Eleanor Wong has achieved outstanding academic results.

After graduation, she worked as a music teacher in a primary school. Subsequently, she continued to accomplish her advanced education and studied with Germaine Mournier(President Jury of International Chopin Competition) in Ecole Normale – an elite institution located in Paris, France which provides training to teachers.

As a passionate and devoted music educator, Monique has acquired over 25 years of experience in child education and teacher training. She shared her passion for introducing the world of music to young children through her work at the Music Children Foundation.

She has sophisticated experience and competence in music education and conducting performance and workshops for teachers and students. Founded Music Children@Shamshuipo programme in 2013 aims to provide underprivileged children with free comprehensive music education programmes through the teaching of music instruments, music appreciation, and attendance of music and other multi-dimension arts performance.

Founder/Executive Director: Annike Pong

Experienced actress graduated from Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts majoring in acting. She is currently teaching at Hong Kong Baptist University – academy of film as a guest lecturer; is passionate in acting education and training the next generation to develop their performing arts.

She also received Executive Master of Arts in Arts Management and Entrepreneurship at The Education University of Hong Kong. As the Executive Director of Music Children Foundation, she focuses on contributing to society with professional music education and development of Music Children Foundation to extend the service in more districts in Hong Kong.


“It costs a lot to learn music!”

How many children have lost their opportunity to learn music because of this statement?

Music is equivalent to beauty. While bringing about relaxation, it can carry the audience to a boundless universe. Music does not select its audience, nor would it be limited by racial or physical differences.

Unfortunately, there is a large disparity between the rich and the poor in Hong Kong. Social stratification is gradually becoming more serious. Children of new immigrants, grassroots or single-parents need more than supporting their livelihood but means to set aside their worries. However, learning music and attending concerts seem so inaccessible for them. Crowded living condition and financial constraint have caused these children to give up their hope on learning music.

The Music Children Foundation has opened a new window for these children. Let us join hands and bring them into a life-changing musical journey.